Mohale Dam
Close to the ground.

GPS: S 29 27.486 E 028 05.755 | elevation 2,075 m/6,808 ft

Mohale is a small town that was built as a base for the companies and employees involved in the construction of the Mohale Dam. The town is mostly occupied by rows of boxy prefabricated worker housing tenaments, although one of the larger buildings has been converted into a lodge to host visitors who come to see the dam.

Mohale Dam is a 145-meter high dam built in 2004 as part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. It shares a 32-kilometer underground tunnel with the Katse Dam, from where the water is used to create hydroelectricity and is then diverted into neighboring South Africa. Compared to the sleek Katse Dam, the Mohale Dam is an unsightly rock-filled hill covered in concrete.

Boat Tours

Boat Tours offers a two-hour tour around the Mohale Dam including a visit to the dam wall and the Thaba-Chitja island. Departure times vary based on bookings.

Orion Mohale Lodge

Orion Mohale Lodge, once workers' housing, was taken over by the Orion Hotel chain and converted into a lodge. Set on the edge of the small town atop a hill overlooking the valley, the lodge offers pleasant but somewhat bare rooms, an onsite restaurant and bar. There are tennis courts and the lodge can organize fishing, boating and pony treks through the surrounding valleys.