Cape Town
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Houses of Parliament

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S 33 55.544 E 018 25.182

Houses of Parliament tell the story of South Africa's legislative history. The original legislative chamber and seat of the Cape Colony was built in 1885, and in 1910, Cape Town was christened as the legislative capital of the Union. This arrangement stood until 1984, when constitutional reform gave token representation to the country's Indian and coloured populations in an attempt to quell rising opposition to apartheid. The previously all-white parliament became a "Tricameral Parliament," and met in the Tricameral Chamber.

Today, the National Assembly is housed in the old Tricameral Chamber and the Council of Provinces occupies the old Houses of Parliament. Tours are available every hour (from 9am-2pm Mon-Fri) and must be arranged at least one week in advance. The entrance for tours is at the Visitor's Center on 100 Plein Street, at the corner of Lelie Street.

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