Close to the ground.

GPS: S 29 37.571 E 027 30.528 | elevation 1,669 m/5,476 ft

Morija is Lesotho’s cultural and historical capital. It was the site of the first European mission to Lesotho, witnessed the country’s first printing press and houses Lesotho’s oldest building and only museum. Every year in October the town hosts the Morija Arts & Cultural Festival (

Morija Museum & Archives

Morija Museum & Archives preserves the rich history of the country and the Morija area with displays on the history of the formation of the Basotho nation in Lesotho, information on the early missionaries in the country and archives of their original publications. There are also sandstone slabs containing dinosaur footprints. Behind the museum is a tearoom restaurant where you can enjoy drinks or a meal under the sun.

Morija Museum Tours

Dinosaur Footprint Tour is a guided hike to a series of dinosaur footprints located in the hills near the museum. The Mission History Tour covers the missionary printing press, church, book center, schools and hospital. These tours are run by staff at the Morija Museum & Archives.

Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking can be arranged through Morija Guest Houses and can include dinosaur footprint visits and treks to mountain villages. Overnight trips where you sleep in a traditional hut in a nearby mountain village can also be arranged.

Morija Guest Houses

Morija Guest Houses is a beautiful stone and thatched roof hillside lodge on the outskirts of Morija. The main lodge has eight rooms, a living room and a dining room where hearty homemade meals are served. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be provided with advance notice. Next door to the main lodge there are a couple of private, self-catering cottages.

The quiet surroundings of the grounds are perfect for walking or hiking, and guided hikes to nearby dinosaur footprints as well as pony treks (M90/hr or M250/half day) can be arranged. Backpackers who arrive by public transport receive a discounted accommodation rate of M120. To get there, continue past the Museum and follow the white stones along the road to the guesthouse.

Lindy's Catering

Lindy's Catering is a small restaurant with a selection of basic but tasty prepared meals made by Lindy. The selection varies from day to day but usually includes pap, vegetables and meat. It is located on the main tar road into Morija just 200 meters from the A2.