Close to the ground.

GPS: S 22 21.011 E 030 02.161 | pop. 41,000 | elevation 546 m/1,791 ft

Musina is a hot sticky border town. While there isn’t much to do within the city itself, there is enough to do in the surrounding towns to make this area worth the stop - especially if you are heading up into Zimbabwe. There is a noticeable police force in the city both day and night, primarily to address undocumented individuals and contraband crossing the borders. While the central business district does have a border town hustle to it, you’ll see quite a few jobless people sitting and waiting.

Musina Nature Reserve

Musina Nature Reserve is a 49 square kilometer reserve that forms part of the former Baobab Forest Reserve and is located 5 km south of the city off of the N1. The reserve has picnic sites with areas to braai, water taps and bathrooms near the entrance gate. There are also hiking trails and a 24 km circular driving route to see the impressive, prehistoric-looking baobab trees.

San Rock Art Tours

San Rock Art Tours are run by by Paul Hatty and take place outside of the city around the Mapungubwe National Park area.


San Rock Art Tours

San Rock Art Tours are run by by Paul Hatty and take place outside of the city around the Mapungubwe National Park area.

The town's commercial center is the central 2 km stretch of National Rd/N1 with utilitarian shops lining the street on both sides.

Great North Road Plaza

Great North Road Plaza was being constructed at the time of research. It is located on the northern end of town and has a Shoprite along with a number of other shops.

Palm Shopping Center

Palm Shopping Center is toward the southern end of town and has a Spar, bottle shop, Internet café and a couple other stores.

Limpopo River Lodge

Limpopo River Lodge is the only hotel in town and is right on the main drag (N1). All rooms have TV, AC, and small updated bathrooms. The Alta Cosa restaurant is conveniently located on the premises, in back by the pool.

Baobab Chalets

Baobab Chalets is a quiet place with a lawn and trees. The facility has 28 spacious brick chalets with TV, AC, a small kitchen and braai facilities outside. Plans to build a swimming pool are slowly in the works.

Old Mine Guest House

Old Mine Guest House is the hidden gem of Musina when it comes to lodging. The old historic house has large screened-in sitting areas and seven rooms. Each has a TV, AC and many of the original furnishings form 1919. There is a new block of four modern rooms with small kitchens and a sitting porch. It is situated on a side street on the northern end of town. To get there from national Rd/N1, turn onto Limpopo Rd across from the SuperSpar, continue straight 400 m then turn left at Flax La for 200 m. Veer right onto the gravel road and follow the signs another 300 m to the guesthouse.

Elephant Inn

Elephant Inn is next to a filling station and convenience store 13 km south of town, but the private wood chalets are situated off to the side among palm trees and away from the hustle of the city. The thatched roof chalets have hardwood floors, natural wood frame beds with mosquito nets, TV and AC. There are two restaurants and a bar joined to the main lodge. A kids water slide is attached to the small pool that is great for hot days.

The Guest House

The Guest House is a quaint 4-star guesthouse of well-appointed rooms with TV, AC and dark wood furnishings. There is a large distinguished Baobab tree in the center courtyard.

Altra Cosa

Altra Cosa is a popular casual restaurant with a bar and wood-fired clay pizza oven inside and tables and chairs that spill out onto a lawn surrounding the pool. A large menu covers everything from breakfast and light meals to 500g rump steaks, seafood, fillets, pasta and desserts. The restaurant is located behind the Limpopo River Lodge, and is probably the only place in town where you'll want to don a button-up shirt.

Casa do Jorge

Casa do Jorge is a Portuguese restaurant run by two service industry veterans and one of the few pleasant dining locations in town. The Portuguese menu includes snails, garlic ribs and cubed steak. They also serve local and English breakfast, and a large Sunday buffet (10am-6pm).

Altra Cosa

Altra Cosa is a secure and stylish place to be seen most evenings, where you can relax and have a drink while sitting at a table on the lawn by the pool.