Close to the ground.

Old Mine Guest House

1 Woodburn Ave 015-534-2250 s R200-350, d R250-400

S 22 20.304 E 030 02.666

Old Mine Guest House is the hidden gem of Musina when it comes to lodging. The old historic house has large screened-in sitting areas and seven rooms. Each has a TV, AC and many of the original furnishings form 1919. There is a new block of four modern rooms with small kitchens and a sitting porch. It is situated on a side street on the northern end of town. To get there from national Rd/N1, turn onto Limpopo Rd across from the SuperSpar, continue straight 400 m then turn left at Flax La for 200 m. Veer right onto the gravel road and follow the signs another 300 m to the guesthouse.

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