Close to the ground.

Masitise Cave House Museum

off of A4 5875-8187 adult M10, child M3

S 30 24.301 E 027 38.595

Masitise Cave House Museum is a cave that was sealed and turned into a family home in 1866 by Reverend David Frederic Ellenberger. The cave has a negative dinosaur footprint in the ceiling, a natural spring water source, and the reverend's son Edmond buried in a wall. Today the cave is a museum that displays artifacts from the Morija Museum of Archives and tells the story of Rev. Ellenberger's 55 years in Lesotho.

It is located just off the A4 on a dirt road that is about 5 kilometers west of the Quthing turnoff and has a sign for the Masitise Primary School. Continue 1 km on the dirt road past the school and church. The family or a volunteer living in the house beside the church can take you on a short walk to the cave.

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