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Camdeboo National Park

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S 32 13.195 E 024 30.339

Camdeboo National Park is a massive 19,405-hectare park surrounding the city of Graaff-Reinet. The park contains 43 mammal species including kudu, wildebeest, buffalo and the rare mountain zebra. There are dedicated game viewing areas in the north of the western section as well as the 1,000-hectare Nqweba Dam. However, the most spectacular feature of the park is the Valley of Desolation - dolomite rock columns protruding high above the empty Karoo Valley and fading into a seemingly endless stretch. The Valley of Desolation scenic overlook can be reached via a steep tar road from where you can take a short walk to viewing points or explore along the 1.5 kilometer mountain-top hiking trail. The
quintessential Camdeboo National Park experience is to bring a picnic or beverages of your choice and soak up the colorful vistas as the sun sets over the Valley of Desolation.

There are also two networks of scenic hiking trails within the park. In the western section, the Eerstefontein Day Trail has 5, 11 and 14-kilometer routes with two pleasant sites to enjoy a mid-hike picnic. The Driekoppe Overnight Trail is located in the eastern section of the park and has one trail hut (R50/person) that can accommodate up to 10 people. The hut can also be accessed via a 4x4 trail.

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Camdeboo National Park Camdeboo National Park Camdeboo National Park