Nieu Bethesda
Close to the ground.

Owl House

River St 049-841-1603 R25, combined w/ Fossil Centre R35

S 31 52.057 E 024 33.166

Owl House is the former home of eccentric outsider and artist Helen Martins, who dedicated her life to transforming the space around her into a whimsical, colorful array of sculpture and stained glass. Her inspiration bordered on obsession, and what started as a quest to bring color to her surroundings soon poured beyond the confines of her home. The eerie garden is filled with hundreds of cement molded human figures, owls and camels, all embellished with glass bottles that were commissioned by Miss Helen and largely created by local sculptor Koos Malgas. Though Helen was considered an outcast in her own community, her home has been transformed into one of Nieu Bethesda's most popular attractions.

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