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Voortrekker Monument & Nature Reserve

Eeufees Rd, Skanskop 012-323-0682 adult R32, child R12, vehicle R13

S 25 46.523 E 028 10.539

Voortrekker Monument & Nature Reserve is a massive 40-meter tall granite structure completed in 1949 to commemorate the history of the Voortrekkers who pushed north into the country from the cape during the Great Trek between 1835-54. Inside on the main level is the Hall of Heroes with a historical marble frieze covering the history of the Great Trek. In the level below is a small museum and in the center of Cenotaph Hall, an empty tomb engraved with the Afrikaans words "Ons vir Jou, Suid-Afrika" (We for Thee, South Africa). A small hole in the dome of the monument is placed such that a ray of light strikes the engraved words atop the Cenotaph on Dec. 16. On that day in 1838, a group of 470 Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius defeated and killed thousands of Zulus in what became known as the Battle of Blood River. You can climb stairs at each of the four corners to the top lookout points which provide a view of Pretoria. There is also a restaurant, café, Internet, and a foreign exchange office at the monument site.

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Voortrekker Monument