Timbavati Game Reserve
Close to the ground.

Umlani Bushcamp

021-785-5547 www.umlani.com s R3,970, d R6,050
swimming pool

S 24 19.915 E 031 18.565

Umlani Bushcamp is set in the middle of the Timbavati Game Reserve on the banks of the Nhlaralumi River. The natural bush camp blends in with its surroundings and the lodge and eight private huts are constructed in a traditional African style with reeds and thatch. Candles, paraffin lamps and an outdoor shower that is heated by a wood fire accent the huts. For guests interested in some exclusive time with the animals, there is a tree house located away from the main camp overlooking a dam where you can take in the wildlife over a sunset or spend the night.

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