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Entumeni Nature Reserve

035-474-5084 admission free

S 28 53.077 E 031 22.854

Entumeni Nature Reserve is just 16 km west of Eshowe off the road to Nkandla and is the less travelled of the two Eshowe reserves, but has longer and more challenging hikes. There is no office or entrance fee, but it's advised to head out in the morning to avoid getting stuck in the reserve after dark. The two-hour uPiti Trail is a pleasant circular route running through the forest and is the best option if you are short on time. But the more challenging uKhozi Trail is the most scenic. The path takes about four hours and brings you through gorges and past the rumbling Ngoji Waterfall, which marks the halfway point. Check with the guys at George's Hotel if you are interested in a guide. To get there, head 13 km west of Eshowe on the road to Nkandla, and turn left at the Entumeni Nature Reserve sign. Continue 3.5 km to the park entrance where there's a picnic site on the right.

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Entumeni Nature Reserve Entumeni Nature Reserve