Close to the ground.

The Estate Private Hotel

7 Lodge Rd 053-832-2668 s R350-600, d R550-850
wifi, secure parking, swimming pool

S 28 44.782 E 024 46.747

The Estate Private Hotel was originally built as a wedding present for Mary Oppenheimer in 1907 and housed the family until 1915. The owners strive to offer their guests the same luxury as was enjoyed by the Oppenheimers, who now own the house next door. The hotel has beautifully furnished rooms that stay true to the early 20th century decadence of the city, while still offering tastefully integrated modern features such as flat screen TVs and Jacuzzi or spa showers in some rooms. If it is available, the best room in the hotel is the master bedroom, Room #2.

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The Estate Private Hotel Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Dining Room Bar Swimming Pool