Close to the ground.

De Zeekoe Meerkat Tours

044-272-6721 www.dezeekoe.co.za/meerkattours.htm sunrise, R550, no children under 10

De Zeekoe Meerkat Tours offers you a unique glimpse into the lives of wild meerkats in their natural habitat. You will hardly be noticed or paid any attention as you observe the little creatures forage and play. The new meerkat guide, Devey, is an expert in his field and can explain the intricacies of meerkat social structures and behavior. His calm and friendly manner has earned the trust of local meerkats and residents alike. The day before the tour, Devey will set out in search of a meerkat gang and inform you where to meet the next morning. Tours leave at sunrise but are dependent on weather. Pictures are allowed with Devey's permission.

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